Download your free Linear Edger Alignment and Performance Guide.

This free illustrated 34 page guide provides a detailed look at linear edger systems, understanding how they work and how to quickly and systematically get them performing at their best.

Linear Edger Sawbox Ready

How does a linear edger work?

Learn about the simplicity in design of a linear edger and how it eliminates so many sources of error typical to other edger systems.  This detailed guide provides colored illustrations that make understanding a linear edger system clear and easy.

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Components of a Linear Edger System.

Learn about all of the necessary components of a linear edger system and how McDonough designs each one to ensure your system is simple to maintain for optimum performance.

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How to calibrate and maintain your linear edger, from scanning to sawn lumber.

Learn how the keep the scanning system, PLC and saw working together properly to execute accurate sawing solutions day in and day out, yielding you more lumber than other edger systems on the market.

This Free Guide includes detailed descriptions and illustrations applicable to all linear edgers including the following sections:

  1. Principles of Linear Edger Operation.
  2. How does a linear edger work?
  3. Components of a Linear Edger System.
  4. Alignment and Calibration
    1. Machinery Alignment
    2. Belt Tracking
    3. Saw Position
    4. Saw Gearing/Timing
  5. Summary
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